The Fastest Way to Make Holes in Extruded or Shaped Parts

If you’re using a drill or mill for making holes in extruded or shaped parts, you’re missing out on a solution that can drastically improve your parts per hour.

Is Your Throughput Bottlenecked? We Can Help Solve That Problem

When manufacturers’ lasers, mills, drills and other equipment can’t keep up with demand, they have bottlenecks. See how we’ve relieved bottlenecks for countless customers.


Why UniPunch?
7 Reasons You Should Be Using UniPunch

What UniPunch offers is speed other technologies can’t match. Here are seven ways we outpace the other guys when it comes to punching holes in extruded or shaped parts.


Manufacturers Love Saving Time with UniPunch

“When I came in, they didn’t know about Unipunch. It used to take them three weeks to complete 300 locks…now we’re making 600 in one week just because I knew about the UniPunch system and was able to teach them how to use it and pick up our production.”
— Lock Set and Door Hardware Manufacturer
“The operators like working with the tooling. Once it’s set up and you have your template made, it’s a breeze…just a snap.”
— Dave, Engineering Manager, The Metalworking Group
“Without costing an arm and a leg, there is just no other way to do it. The labor would be outrageous.”
— Tim, Tooling Designer, Cooper B-Line

Some of the Most Common UniPunch Applications

Aluminum Extrusions

  • Ladders
  • Door sills
  • Window Frames
  • Computer Racks
  • Truck Trailer Components

Formed Parts

  • Roll Formed
  • Brake Formed

Structural Parts

Tubing & Pipe

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Shaped Holes
  • Round Holes
  • Coping

Flat Parts

Other Parts

  • Molded Parts
  • Plastic Sheet & Extrusions
  • Composite Materials

Let’s Discuss How UniPunch Can Help You

Tell us about your project, and we’ll recommend the right UniPunch solution for your needs.