Here are some examples of designs using standard and/or custom components including:

  • Systems to punch multiple holes in one hit
  • Mounting and gauging (part positioning) systems for multiple part applications
  • Die Sets for use alongside our standard tooling
  • Systems to fit with customers’ press specifications
  • Turn-key systems powered by Multicyl air over oil cylinders
  • Progressive tooling solutions
  • Tooling solutions to fit your coil fed systems


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Tandem Unit to punch close hole-to-hole centers

Horizontal Tube Punching System

Punching and Shearing System

Horizontal Mandrel Tube Punching

Dedicated System for Odd Shaped Parts

Progressive Setup for Blanking

Multiple Hole Air Over Oil Turnkey System

Linear Rail UniPunch Turnkey System

Dedicated Setup for Notching Corners and Punching a Hole

Dedicated Setup Using Strip Template

Multiple Dedicated Setups for Multiple Holes on One Template

Hit and Flip Dedicated Setup on Template

Dedicated Mandrel Tube Punching Setup on Template

Dedicated Setup on Template

Punch Many Holes in One Hit with a Dedicated Setup

Dedicated Setup for Punching Extruded Parts

Dedicated Mandrel Tube Punching Setup on Template