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Case Histories

On the road, we sought out our customer’s experience, knowledge and opinions. We asked them how and why they utilize UniPunch C-Frame Tooling in their manufacturing world. We talked with a diverse group of UniPunch users. Some of the businesses we visited were small to medium sized job shops...while others were world leaders and international marketers of OEM products...some with the financial resources to buy any technology imaginable. We were “wowed” at several stops as we observed ingenious applications of not only UniPunch C-Frame Tooling but manufacturing methodologies as a whole. Now we would like to share some of their observations and wisdom with you.

Hear what some of our customers have to say about us, by clicking a customer below:

Note: Some companies shared their thoughts with us only on the condition of anonymity as they did not want their competitors to know the secret of their production techniques. In most, if not all cases, UniPunch C-Frame Tooling is employed as the low cost system on their production floors.