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Tube Coping Punching Machine by UniPunch


A bunch of Tube Coping Example Shapes

Tube Coping and Tube Notching

Tube coping is the process of putting a notch in the end of a tube… often in order for one piece of tubing to fit against another, as for example for welding. UniPunch tooling is used for end coping and edge notching and is custom designed for your specific tube size and shape. Tooling is available for tube and pipe slotting, vee notching, shearing, staking and trimming.  

In addition to pipe notching, other common applications include:

  • End Coping
  • Slotting
  • V-Notching
  • Edge Notching
  • Shearing
  • Staking
  • Trimming


Send us a drawing of your notch configuration and UniPunch will provide engineering assistance and promptly quote tooling for your part.

Examples of different tube coping notch shapes

Tube End Coping with Drain Hole Custom Angular Tube Notching Tube End Coping Tube Edge Notching

Tube Coping end notch examples for drain hole and thick and thin walls

Rectangle Tube Coping with Drain Hole Rectangle Tube EndCoping Tube Slotting - Thick Wall Tube Slotting - Thin Wall

Tube Coping Tube V-Notch Example

 Tube V-Notch