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Press Mounting Equipment

Tooling mounting systems for presses and press brakes

The UniPunch modular tooling system will operate in a variety of standard press equipment.  To accommodate these presses, UniPunch offers a broad range of mounting equipment to fit your requirements.  Also provided are customized press mounting products.  Contact UniPunch with your specific press mounting requirements.  

5000 & 5100 Bed Rails – for mounting UniPunch A or B series tooling in 
press brakes. Primarily used for straight line hole punching and accepts 
½” (12.7mm) thick strip templates to accurately position the pilot pins of 
UniPunch units or Unispacers for prototype applications. Bed rails are 
available in lengths up to 12’ long and the 5100 bed rail will accept a press 
brake bending die. Contact UniPunch for custom lengths to fit your press 

5110 Bed Rail – for mounting UniPunch G series fixed base or adjustable 
base tooling in press brakes. This bed rail contains one front T-slot and 
a top surface mounted bar key that is compatible with the G series unit 

A or B series tooling in press brakes. This base plate system is 
designed for use with dovetail style templates dedicated to your 
specific part hole pattern. The template can be quickly locked into 
position utilizing built in clamps for fast changeover of tooling 
at the press. Simply slide-lock-punch. The 5202 system is available 
in lengths up to 12’ long. 

T-Slotted Plates - for mounting UniPunch A or B series tooling in presses 
with large bed and ram areas. These steel plates are available in widths 
from 12” to 30” for punching and notching larger parts and for parts with 
complex hole patterns. The thin template or template over die method is 
recommended when mounting UniPunch tooling onto T-slot plates.

Universal Base Plates - for mounting UniPunch A or B series tooling in 
presses. Made of ¾” (19.05mm) thick steel plate, completely covered 
with a uniform pattern of ½-13 tapped holes for bolting units into position. 
The thin template over die method is recommended when mounting 
UniPunch tooling onto Universal Base Plates. 

Mounting Templates - for mounting UniPunch A or B series tooling in 
presses. Steel template plates are available in ½” (12.7mm) and ¾” 
(19.05mm) thickness. Keyed mounting templates are also available. 
They are designed to mount in the press brake tang and are typically ¾” 
(19.05mm) thick. Drilled and tapped holes are machine marked for unit 
and gauge positions. UniPunch will recommend the mounting template 
width and length based upon your part specifications. 

5019 & 5020 Ram Plates – for use as tooling striker plates in press 
brakes. UniPunch steel ram plates are ¾” (19.05mm) thick and are 
available in various lengths up to 12’ long. 

Mounting Accessories – UniPunch offers part gauging stops, part feed 
supports, wrenches and hold down bolts to complete the modular tooling 
system. Accessory items are designed to be used in conjunction with 
UniPunch mounting rails, base plates and templates. Custom part gauging, 
supports and clamping devices are available.