Getting Started. The following example shows the basic sequence of steps to assemble the part gauging and UniPunch tooling onto a template to produce a specific hole pattern. Once the setup is completed, you are ready to punch all holes in a single press stroke. This tooling can remain mounted to the template and stored as a dedicated system or reused on other jobs as needed on your other punching requirements. To begin, just send us your part drawing. We will help you in selecting the tooling and mounting system to produce quality parts with speed.

Slide 1: The Parts. Punching a basic five hole pattern in a 3” x 12” x .060” sheet metal blank. Hole sizes – (4) .2656 diameter holes and (1) .3750 diameter hole.

Slide 2: The Mounting Template. UniPunch will design and manufacture press mounting templates to accurately locate the tooling and part gauging to your requirements.

Slide 3: Begin by locating the dowel pin stops in the ½” reamed holes on the template.

Slide 4: Tighten pin stops to template with hex key wrench.

Slide 5: Begin positioning UniPunch units in appropriate holes on the template. A 3/8” diameter pilot pin at the base of the unit will be placed in the 3/8” reamed hole on the template.

Slide 6: Tighten UniPunch units to template with hex key wrench.

Slide 7: Position two units to opposite side of template and tighten bolts.

Slide 8: Photo show three pin gauges to locate the part and the four UniPunch units to produce the outer hole pattern.

Slide 9: Position the remaining unit onto the template for punching the center hole on the part.

Slide 10: Finished assembly of all part gauges and UniPunch units ready to produce parts.

Slide 11: Insert part blank to ensure that part engages dowel pin stops prior to punching.

Slide 12: View of part blank correctly positions against pin stops.

Slide 13: Test part punched for inspection. UniPunch recommends checking hold down bolts at frequent intervals during part runs.

Slide 14: UniPunch five hole pattern tooling system ready for full production.

Slide 15: Mount It. The UniPunch tooling system will operate in multiple platforms for producing your parts. We have the mounting methods that are compatible with your press brakes or punch presses. When ordering, please provide your part drawing(s) and press information.

Let us help you get started, feel free to call or email a part drawing to UniPunch.

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