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Why Speed Matters

UniPunch tooling offers you and your customer speed, that is the ability to make
parts faster than you can with other methods. Processing time matters, and here
is why.

Textbooks point out that in the time from when a piece of steel enters a factory
to when it leaves, most of the time it is in the factory it is waiting, and the way
to get the steel through the factory faster is to reduce wait time. Even if you achieve
just-in-time delivery of your steel, it can still spend most of the time waiting.

So what is it waiting for? And what can you do about it? How can you get the
steel to move through faster? Parts wait for the parts ahead of them to be finished,
and that is why processing time matters. With faster processing time you help
not just the part being worked on, you reduce the wait time for all the parts
coming up behind
and you help them move through the factory faster too. 

Remember to keep your customer in mind. Holding the factory orders in the shop office can reduce work in process on the shop floor, but the steel is still waiting as raw material, and your customer is still waiting. A better solution is to process the parts faster and serve your customer faster.

Something else. In any batch of more than one, the parts are either waiting to be processed, or, once they have been processed, they are waiting for the other parts to be finished so the batch can move together to the next operation. Another way to reduce wait time is to reduce lot sizes. For example, if you cut in half the number of other parts in the batch, you reduce by half the time waiting for the other parts to be finished. It is important to remember not to substitute one waste for another. Reducing the batch size increases the number of set ups. That is why reducing the time to changeover from part to part is so important. Using dedicated setups of UniPunch tooling you can have both: quick changeover at the press and fast processing time.