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Why Use UniPunch?

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Financial Advantages
  • Peace of Mind

Competitive Advantages

You can have pricing advantage from having lower costs.  



Pricing power comes from your ability to adjust your prices because you have lower costs… Lower compared to what?  To competitors.  Using UniPunch off-the-shelf tooling your costs will be lower compared to competitors that make similar parts using methods that are slower and more costly.    
Ease of use is a factor.  

UniPunch tooling is easy to learn to use so you can keep your more highly skilled personnel free for other jobs.
You can be in production quickly with new designs.

To be in production quickly with new designs is especially important in crowded markets where competitors copy each other.  By choosing readily available, off-the-shelf UniPunch modular press tooling you can be in production quickly and offer shorter lead times than by using custom made die sets.  Not only that, these days product life cycles are shorter and design changes are frequent, and with UniPunch tooling you can quickly accommodate design changes.  
You can have higher factory throughput (sales) from having fewer bottlenecks.

You can use UniPunch tooling for more throughput (sales) by relieving bottlenecks.  When sales are limited by bottlenecks that limit factory throughput, switching to UniPunch tooling can relieve the bottlenecks caused by slow processes; for example, bottlenecks at turrets or lasers making holes one‑hole‑at‑a‑time.  More factory throughput allows you to sell more. 
You can have scheduling flexibility to achieve the shorter lead times that satisfy customers. 

Scheduling flexibility is essential for being responsive to changing customer demands.  It comes from being able to change quickly from part to part, and then quickly producing those parts.  UniPunch C-frame tooling works well in conjunction with other technologies.  One UniPunch customer reported, “Using dedicated setups allows us to pull a set up off the storage rack, put it in the press and be producing parts faster than we could set up a CNC machine.”  Having the scheduling flexibility to satisfy customers is a competitive advantage.
In Summary, the methods you choose in your factory affect your competitive position. It is not enough to deliver better products anymore. You have to be able to deliver them at a competitive price and when the customer wants them, and increasingly that means quickly.  


Financial Advantages

Productivity efficiencies translate into financial advantages.

Your parts cost less when you use the UniPunch system.  Let your competitors use the slow, costly methods. 

Using UniPunch tooling you make parts faster, that is, in fewer minutes, with a method that costs less per minute. 

Higher Margins.

Higher margins flow naturally from lower costs.  UniPunch customers tell us that the parts they make with UniPunch tooling earn some of their highest profit margins. 

High Customer Service with Less Inventory.

You can have less capital in inventory for two reasons:  One, your parts cost less.  Two, you can quickly produce smaller lot sizes because using dedicated setups of the UniPunch system you can change from part to part fast so you can stay ahead of customer demand with fewer parts on hand.   
In Summary, Quicker changeover and faster production work together.  Quickly producing smaller lots at a lower cost allows you to maintain customer service with less capital tied up in inventory.  And lower cost parts have higher profit margins.

Peace of Mind

Manufacturers working with UniPunch avoid the chaos and confusion that results from slow, unpredictable processes.



The UniPunch System is a more reliable, predictable process. 

Imagine the confidence, the peace of mind that comes from using a predictable process… from knowing your parts will be made right and on time.  UniPunch C-frame tooling works well in conjunction with other technologies.  Here is what one UniPunch user said, “Using dedicated setups allows us to pull a set up off the storage rack, put it in the press and be producing parts faster than we could set up a CNC machine.”  With UniPunch tooling you will produce your parts predictably and quickly.

You can call on
 UniPunch application expertise for your project. 

UniPunch is standing by and ready to help you.  Day or night you can email or fax a part drawing to UniPunch.  Then UniPunch application engineers will review your part and work with you to propose tooling to fit your needs and your factory environment.

More job security
 and a better chance for job growth come from being on a team that is more productive than the competition.

In summary, you can have the peace of mind, the pride, the confidence, that come from knowing your parts will be made right, for less money, faster, and on time.