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 Tube Punching with a Mandrel example piece

How to put a hole in a tube

Tube punching is the process of making a hole in a tube with a die supported by a mandrel. This photo illustrates a hole that is uniform with minimal distortion. (Tube “piercing” is the process of making a hole with a punch but without a die or die support. The resulting hole is dimpled.)

Tube Punching with a Mandrel UniPunch machine

For dimple-free holes in tube or pipe, UniPunch provides custom mandrel style hole punching units. Mandrel punching units are offered for producing round or shaped holes in single or multiple hole configurations in round, square or rectangle tubing or pipe.  Due to the style variations, Shut Heights and Die Heights are determined by individual mandrel unit designs.

Below is a video of tube punching and notching solutions.   Subscribe to the UniPunch channel:

For a prompt quotation, please send UniPunch a detailed drawing or sketch including tube or pipe size, hole size and hole location. 


 TP-AE Mandrel Unit    Fabricated AE Mandrel Unit


 HZ Style Mandrel Setup    AJ Mandrel Setup